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Saving the Environment

Our Campaign

We advocate for initiatives that enhance protection of Forest and Riparian Land, enhance restoration of the Kajulu ecosystem, promote nature based solutions meant to improve the livelihood of the communities, protection of surface water resources e.g. Springs, Shallow wells, ponds and enhance accessibility and availability to proper management of infrastructure.

Biodiversity Conservation

To work towards the conservation of local flora and fauna, promoting biodiversity within the community forest area

Community Empowerment

To empower local communities by involving them in decision-making processes related to the forest, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility

Environmental Education:

To raise awareness and educate the community about the importance of forest conservation, sustainable practices, and the overall impact on the environment.

Water Resource Management

To manage and recognize the interconnectedness of forests with water resources, ensuring the sustainable use and protection of water bodies within the forest.

Forest Protection

To develop strategies and initiatives to protect the community forest from illegal logging, encroachment, and other forms of degradation.

Livelihood Improvement

To create opportunities for community members to derive livelihoods from the forest through sustainable practices such as eco-friendly tourism, non-timber forest products, and agroforestry.

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